Previous Startups



BoomRoom Online fitness training
Eats2Seats Providing service and support for concession stands at arenas
 JumpStart Portable phone chargers for rent
 LiRA Software interface to improve communication of voiceless patients
MEITE School  K-5 school founded upon restorative justice to heal emotional and psychological wounds so students can develop the interpersonal skills to resolve conflict between their peers and within themselves.
Piedmont Pennies Homemade cheese snack with a kick, representing NC, and never settling for the short (cheese) straw!
Sobria Healthcare workforce tools



Brandwein’s Bagels Bagel restaurant in Chapel Hill
Career Insite VR/AR content created for employers to be used at university career centers for recruiting
Endorsed Helping bloggers focus on recipes while establishing partnerships with brands
MyOwn Communications App for communications of clinical information between healthcare providers
Newman Carpenter Agency that does behavioral change creation for health organizations
Parade Software for helping individuals achieve their personal goals
SLOPE Leadership Development Software platform to provide materials to teach leadership skills in K-12
Small Steps Baby cloth diaper service



Compostable Shoe Shoe which can be produced sustainably and will compost within 6 months
 Finclusion Low-cost digital marketplace to connect small-sized investors and advisors
Good Bowls Delicious and healthy food bowls 
Luminary.One Turning internet views into money
 OASYS Health Comprehensive food allergy clinical care with nutritional and community support
 Online Language Learning Assisting Chinese students to pass the TOEFL exam before they come to the US
 Phyta Seaweed for a sustainable future
 Vade Solution to track real time parking occupancy



 Code Stories Online software courses to teach coding to scientists
 FinSpider Data analysis software for real estate investment firms
 GameFlo Software for kids to learn data and  computational capabilities thru sports
 Let’s Room Together Software for grad student roommate matching
 Nest Cafe & Play Cafe and play space for kids
Photon Education Services SaaS decision-support tool for students to optimize 4-year curriculum
 Saalty Sustainable surf clothing
Third Floor Materials Sensor camera for detection of natural gas leaks
Writing Center Software for English grammar tutoring



Altis Gut-on-a-chip platform for pharma tests
EmpowerRT Cancer radiation machines for 3rd world
Enzerna RNA editing platform for liver/kidney drug discovery
Farm to Beach Meal delivery service
Fixional Online book publishing web platform
Physiotics Early MRI detection for autism
This and that Games STEM board game for kids
WalletFi Consumer subscription pay platform



Altis Biosystems Gut-on-a-chip biotech platform for drug discovery
Beach Arch Beach umbrella
Carbon Conversion Systems Technology to convert carbon to hydrogen fuel cell
Looma Project Retail display unit that tells product story
RoadAmico Italian immersion course
Textile Solutions Plastic scrap recycling program
Virtual Kinetics Wearable sensors and software for PT folks to monitor



BountyMiner Crowdsourced candidate referral software
Compression Kinetics Athletic compression wearable device
dReiniger Medical lab coat disinfectant closet
Franklin Pass Student cash card for local businesses
InvisiArmor Wash anti-bacterial product for nurses
MamAfrica Designs Imported women’s clothes from Congo
Tom & Jenny’s Sugar free candy
SIRS Simultaneous-lens technology to improve eye exams
Wager Wire (Sideline Sports) Online sports team betting software



Contour Medical Rib refractor med device
NanoOncology Nanojacket biotech drug to reduce oncoology drug toxicity
Path BioAnalytics Lung muscusol software analysis for asthma or COPD drug discovery
Seal the Seasons Produce Flash frozen fruits for grocery
Zip Services Software for commercial laundry and linen cleaning services



Blue Ridge Lighting Solutions B2B/Consumer
Cu B2C/Consumer
LeasAlytics B2B/Real Estate
Novocor B2B/Medical
Resound Magazine B2C/Web
TerraHub B2B/RealEstate



Augment Medical Med Devices and Drugs
DirectedDeposits Web/Social Media
Empower U Web/Social Media
Gift Boogle Web/Social Media
Give Spring Social Web Services
KM Water Solutions Human/Green Products
Quark Matrix Health Care Software
Prepped Web/Social Media
Recon Human/Green Products
Sanitation Creations Social/Sustain Products
TeraStructure Health Care Software
YardSprout Human/Green Products



Nextdoor/PE Investing Software for private equity transactions
A2B Wii for Older  Folks
Windsor Circle Software to connect retail apps
Plan A Male Contraceptive
Rascals (now Sqord) Kids gaming exercise software



aBAN on Neglect
Unique, handmade African products that aims to support street children allowing them to sell these products
Advanced TeleCare
Diabetes and other chronic disease management and video conference services connecting patient groups with remote medical personnel
Patented technology to enable specific batch coding in liquid pharma products to improve product safety and reduce counterfeiting
Autism Sphere
Autism communications medium connecting the family and community with autism experts
BioRxn Patented bioreactor technology to turn hog waste into energy and reduce gas emissions
Cell Microsystems An affordable micro-array technology that allows cell sorting for biomedical and pharma labs
Easy Smile Hands-free full-arch toothbrush utilizes ultrasonic concepts and made of thermoplastic material
Enci Therapeutics, Inc.
Patent pending angiogenesis factor SFRP2 that inhibits growth in new blood cells and is a critical component of solid tumor growth
EqualApp Web-based college admissions software solution acting as a virtual guidance counselor
Grocery Finder PDA device that allows consumers to efficiently navigate retail stores
New combination of approved drugs lowers body temperature during traumatic surgeries and post-traumatic recoveries
Hyrdolase Technologies New protein technology enables faster identification of specific nerve agents
Storytime Technology-based interactive reading education win children’s book industry
The FanFeed
Website for young professional athletes not yet at the top professional level to help them create a community of fans, drive awareness and host charity programs
Token Energy Technologies
Software integration program with smart meters and web-based analysis to reduce energy consumption on University campuses
Inferential, Inc
A new hardware/software solution to allow network managers to identify and respond more quickly to network slowness and issues
LottieDottie ‘n Ev’rybody
Unique African American caricatures that can be used in fabrics to make quilts, gifts, cards with a story behind each character
Magnetics for Biomedical Discovery
Enables the rapid screening for clotting disorders and the evaluation of large sets of specimens for drug discovery applications in thrombosis and thrombolysis
High performance organic polymers used in manufacturing of solar cells that will create energy at a competitive cost without releasing excess carbon dioxide
Second Generation Gemcitabine Drug
New drug formulation for gemacitabine prescribed at high rates to patients suffering from cancer to decrease side effects while being much more potent



Allegren Device that allows foods to be tested for food allergies
Argyle Software Online B2B marketing platform that enables personalized communication
Child Wellness Group
Pediatric dental, mental and wellness clinics for pediatricians, pediatric dentists, nutritionists and child psychiatrists
Crepes for Life Tasty-and-healthy fast food crepes sold in their own kiosk or retail stores
Dionysus Mutual fund focused on investments in micro financial institutions around the world
Energy Solutions Home assessment service of energy efficiency
Go Fetch Geocache Outdoor treasure hunt adventure program to explore cultural and historical sites
Green Machine Taxis Bicycle rental program in major metropolitan urban areas
Heel 2.0 Marketing New media website to help professional basketball teams sell unused tickets
Kits for Kids Educational science kits made for kids
Movement of Youth Comprehensive educational and mentoring program for minority high school students
NC Choices
Fresh meat provider produced sustainably by local farmers and processed by small-scale independent facilities
Oats & Berry Customizable, organic muesli or cereals that are ordered online
Renewable Designs Eco-friendly, recyclable furniture products for college students and their parents
Sensors Connections, Inc Nitric oxide sensor technology to detect and monitor sepsis infections
StylMob Website where young adults share information on latest fashion trends
Treadmill Desk Treadmill desk for health-conscious for the employees
weTrade Import of shea butter from Burkina Faso and sold to cosmetics and food products
World In Motion Multi-cultural dance studios



Asthma-Tote Wearable asthma inhaler case attached to your/their clothing, purse or backpack
Bioenergy Center A biodiesel (wood pellet) product from locally grown animal byproduct and feedstock
Doodlestix Pen pal letters for kids
E3P Parks instructor hiring database
Endurance Training Center A state-of-the-art facility geared toward meeting every need of the triathlete
eTc Holdings
A proprietary bio-degradable product that reduces the amount of time required for traditional construction
FaFa/BelongsToMe Personalized pacifier with logos
Fresh Strides
A proprietary plasma-infused anti-microbial treatment for apparel to stay odorless and fungi/bacteria-free
I Feel Better with Music
Music media products for preschoolers diagnosed with cancer learning to use music to reduce stress
Jeeo/Edit Tiger Customized videos for businesses/marketing
Medical Product Analytics Medical device consulting firm to assist medical device companies in development and marketing
MOCHE, Inc Archaeological tours/funding in Peru for development projects and site preservation
Mortgage Safe Secure storage IT technology for mortgage loan documents in CD format for borrowers and lenders
Newcorp Strength Training Fitness and strength facility for aspiring young athletes
Octane Group Consolidation roll-up of under-performing domestic automobile franchises
Optimal Learning A stress management system for high school and college students on entrance exams and tests
Peace Goods Fair traded accessory items including rare fabrics and handicrafts from developing countries
Personalized Audio Sciences (HearSay) Books on tape for scientific and medical journals
Pezo Serious games consulting and development targeting employee training programs
Zebra Crossings Fair trade items from South Africa and other developing countries for brides and grooms


BDX World-wide the technology medium/platform for detecting bartonella
Children’s Integrative Medicine Clinc Medical clinics for children only treatment
Cryo Solutions Providing ultra cold and cryogenic storage of samples for researchers
EcoDevelopment Combining real estate development, management and innovative green-building technologies.
Interactive web-based tool that facilitate profitable fundraising for schools and other civic organizations
Homegrown Technical Services Technical infrastructure support services to an under-served rural areas
ImaginResearch Online portal for researchers to network, communicate, and collaborate online
Japanese Translaltion Service Service to help Japanese professionals write papers in native English
MedSmart Sitters Providing families the freedom they deserve
myhealthelife.com Internet-based weight loss program
Software for the prediction and design of molecular structures to scientists, educators, and the general public in an open and collaborative format
Partners for Literacy
Literacy publications and training services to help preschool programs demonstrate successful prep for 3 and 4 year old children
Accurate, inexpensive and rapid structure determination, drug discovery, and target validation for arbitrary cellular and viral RNAs
Shikshan Mohim Literacy program uniting elderly volunteers with illiterate, impoverished Indian youth
TabCast Customer-interface kiosk to improve bartender efficiency and enhance order accuracy.
The Zarkan Foundation
Summer program for underprivileged students from inner city schools to study community organizing and grassroots activism abroad



4 Corners Wine stores
Balancing Act Career counseling service for p/t
Dental Waste Removal Dental hazardous waste removal
Garden Sense Hhigh-end garden center
Hamilton Publishing Classroom materials online
HERO One-time use emergency device
Icardiogram Digitized echocardiograph
iTarHeel Home page for UNC students
Lewis Transport Company Short sea shipping barge
New Worlds Non-profit literature
Nourish International Fight hunger through student ventures
Novan Drug deliver system
Phorcast Drug screening software
Premier Club Elderly daycare
Realtromins Biometric monitoring software
Saaport Aortic arch IP
SeventhSwan Publishing Web published children’s literature
Splinter Kit Splinter removal kit
Swedish Lumber Importers Wholesale Swedish lumber
Virtual Choices Educational video games



Academie Sports academy for African athletes
Alma Mater Academy High school for foster children
BandNet Transaction website for small businesses
BubbleBrat Fast-casual restaurant
Cobblestone Antique buying service for retailers
ConfoCal Glaucoma diagnostic device
Kracer Discount coupon card for young women
Nonsibi.com Charity giving service directed toward specific projects
OrangeDot Living Architectural company for pre-fabricated homes
RemedEase Nosebleed aid that works like a band-aid
Rivalries DVD collection of famous college sports rivalries
Student Athlete Academy Multi-phase high school for aspiring athletes going to college
Studio Macondo Wholesaler for imported Colombian housewares
Work2Own Employee new-home-buying service